Saturday, December 19, 2015

Toilets And Sad Pets - What To Buy The Excessive Rainbow Fan

by Madeleine Swann

Rainbows are wondrously wonderful, and now you can harness their power in gift form for that chromatically aware person in your life who makes your eyes bleed whenever you meet for a drink. 

This rainbow sponge, video edited by FoundFootageFest, is a must. She's having a jolly old time, we want some of that too!

These shoes by Marjorie Schick were made as part of her Chipines and Puddles collection. How can you be sad when your feet are literally oozing rainbows?

This toilet foot stand apparently makes you poo edible rainbows:

We all know humiliating pets is the new fun thing so why not embarrass yours with a rainbow unicorn outfit

And finally, nothing says joy like body leakage, especially if it's multi-coloured: 

So that's it! Merry Santa Day, and may you all be as horrifically joyful as I am in the picture below.

Madeleine Swann's book Rainbows Suck is a surreal tale of the dark side of fame. Visit her website.

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