Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jason Voorheesberg's Hanukkah Gift Guide

Hi guys! I hope you're being cool and enjoying family. I don't have any family and live alone in the woods. I haven't killed anyone in two days and I feel the holiday blues :(  I hope Santa comes so I can murder him.

The only gifts I have are from a group of swingers than stumbled into the woods and I have fun with their bodies. KILLING IS SO COOL!

I have these four things. You can Paypal me at

Moonight Sexy Fetish Vagina Nipple Clamps flexible Adjustable breast nipple clip with chain,red

I found the swingers with this stuff and strangled them with it. It makes for good rope.

Moonight sexy Feather anal plug (one size, black)

When I sliced this woman's arms off and then shoved her own arm down her throat, this thing fell out of her butt. I use it clean my cabin but I'll sell it to you for twenty bucks.

Locker Room Poppers

I don't know what it is but when I smell it makes me want to kill more

My Book

Eraserhead Press was so cool and published my life story. Every time someone buys it I get money and I need to buy a new machete. My last one has hardened testicle blood on it, which smells bad :(

Happy Hanukkah

PS I am thinking about learning about Jesus and Christmas and doing a Christmas special.

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