Friday, December 11, 2015

Bizarro Holiday Gift Guide for the Gamergate Otaku

Do you live with, or have a "Gamer Gater" in your life? Not sure what to get them? Have no fear! Here are some gift ideas for that strange Otaku you seem to have become acquainted with.

Scary People by Kyle Muntz(Kindle and Paperback).

For those that like RPG’s, Adventure Time, and Sadness.

HEAd (PC Import) and Future Diary (Anime, Manga)

For those that feel a strong urge to make a difference in the world, especially if they seldom(if ever) leave their house.

For those that feel like they are surrounded by unintelligible Lovecraftian monstrosities and are desperately seeking that one special girl they can relate to.

“Insert Waifu Name Here” Dakimakura

Seriously… just ask them who their “Waifu” is, google the name with “Dakimakura” after it, and don’t ask any questions. If you don’t feel comfortable asking them, just google Dakimakura and pick one you think they’ll like. They’ll appreciate a printed image they can snuggle up with. Don’t be alarmed if you hear strange whispering's late at night. Some even take them out into the world to socialize. Don't fret. It’s just part of the lifestyle.

Steam Gift Card

For members of the "PC master race" that want to pick a few titles from the dozens of 5$ discount games available during Steam’s annual Winter Blowout. 

For those that want their place to smell like cats without actually having to worry about keeping one alive.

For those that want a little bit of sweetness with their mustard sandwiches.

Sailor Moon Season 1 Part 1& 2

The classic magical girl show they grew up with! This will let them relive their childhood—this time, uncensored!

Now, let them sit back and have their childhood nostalgia for “magical girls” be destroyed by Gen "The Butcher" Urobuchi (who also wrote "Song of Saya", one of the earlier entries on this list).

Iced Tea Concentrate + Home Made Finger Sandwiches

In the event they bring someone home, it’s always good to be ready for some “food play”. They can drink the tea while their guest digs in from the rear with the Finger Sandwiches!

Pixiegate Madoka(Kindle, Paperback)

What more could they want than an anime and video game inspired book featuring one of their own?

メリークリスマス(Merry Christmas)!!!

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