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2015 marks the seventh year of the annual New Bizarro Author Series, which is designed to introduce readers to work by new authors in the Bizarro Fiction genre, and with nine new authors it’s the biggest lineup to date! What can we look forward to from this year’s New Bizarro Author Series?


Okay, fine. It won’t be those things but this year we’ve got an erotic thriller about a man falling for a spider, life inside a giant planet eating robot, a Gamergater at a high school for Japanese magical girls, Alice Cooper’s head, Van Gogh as an ice cool 80's vice cop, the terrible truth behind rainbows, living siege towers in a Kaiju ravaged future, hijinks at a Summer camp for slashers, and the story of a headless boy and his yellow balloon seeking the meaning of life at an insane apocalyptic mall.

We think you’ll find pretty much everything there is to love about the genre in these nine books by authors from four different countries, stories that range from bent science fiction to splatstick to psychedelia. These books are fucking cool and so are the people who wrote them.

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