Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why Elephant Vice?

Elephant Vice – Chris Meekings

Do you like Vincent Van Gogh paintings? What about Ganesha, the elephant-headed, Hindu deity? How about crime fiction or Leathal Weapon movies?
If you like any of the above then you'll love the new bizarro novella, from Eraserhead Press, Elephant Vice.

What the heck is bizarro?

Bizarro is a newish genre in literary fiction. It's the genre of the weird, the cult video section. It often contains dreamlike or cartoonish logic applied to real world emotions. Sometimes it's raw, sometimes it's gross, but it's always interesting. Bizarro strives to be strange, but fascinating, thought-provoking, and, above all, fun to read.

Ummmmm, Okay. Sounds fun. So, what is Elephant Vice?

Vincent Van Gogh is a cop with a dark past. He painted some of the greatest artistic masterpieces of our time. He cut off his ear out of love for a prostitute. He was a great painter. He isn't anymore. He's a tough as nails loose cannon cop who plays by his own rules. When a drug called **** hits the streets, it starts turning people into the object their essence most resembles. Van Gogh is put on the case. But this hard case has a new partner. His methods are unusual, his attitude incompatible and he has the head of an elephant. He's the Hindu God Ganesha. Can these two put aside their differences and learn to work together? Probably. It's a buddy cop thing.

Well that sounds fun, but why should I buy it, what is it about?

It's got Vincent Van Gogh as a detective in a Lethal Weapon style vice case! But also, it's more than that. It's about art and artists. It's about how artists view the world. It's about colour. It's about betrayal and love. It's about jealousy and temperance. It's about solitude in crowded rooms It's about a crazy, drunken, Dutch detective and a Hindu deity. It is, above all, about life, and the search for meaning.

Where can I buy it?

Pretty much anywhere where you can buy books! It's available in both softback and ebook format.,,, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones etc.

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