Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bad Art Contest: Round 1 and Special Guest Update

by Karl Fischer
with special guests S.T. Cartledge and Brent Millis

Since our announcement last week, we've added a third participant to the Bad Art Contest: Brent Millis and his kaiju porn-parody "Rodzilla Respurgence." We've received three submissions to the bad art contest. Three eBooks to give away. Three contenders for the grand prize. If I weren't on my meds, I'd say it's a conspiracy.

Reap what our contest has sown:

In the Kaiju's Cunt
by Jon James 

Artist's statement:

"In the Kaiju's Cunt" is a digital painting that explores the depth that humans will go to in seeking satisfaction. This depth is illustrated literally, as the godzilla-esque creature penetrates her vagina with a man-made structure.

In the piece, the observer is both the kaiju seeking pleasure, and the countless humans implicit in the background whose lives are destroyed in the pursuit. The digital, finger-painting style creates a juxtaposition of the primal and the technical, both cast aside as failures in the nihilistic race to happiness.

Ultimately, though, as the viewer already knows, and the giantess will soon learn, all joy is ephemeral; the buildings that stimulate her crumble and burn in her grasp.

Revenge of the Six-Hundred and Twenty-Seven Foot Wolf
by Caleb Wilson

Artist's statement: 

Wolves make good monsters, I think because (unless we're ranchers or farmers) we sort of like and admire wolves. They're not doing anything wrong, snapping and howling and ripping flesh, they're just being themselves. I'm not sure of the backstory of this giant wolf, but the title hints that its destruction of this city is probably justified, and I'll confirm that it it totally is, and that we are allowed to enjoy it from afar.

Cthulu's Sister
by Kalr Dark

Artist's statement:

She, like Cthulu, loves to drive people mad and very rarely let's people get away. Unlike her brother, she uses her sexiness to lure people in and the "friend zone" technique to drive people insane, until finally eating them as a snack or stealing their soul as a knickknack. 

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