Monday, July 4, 2016

Spider Romance Microfiction Contest!

by Betty Rocksteady

Hey guys! As you may or may not know, my novella ARACHNOPHILE is about the relationship between a man and a giant spider. Inspired by that, I am challenging you to write a short short story, 500 words or less, about spider romance! It can be between spiders, between spider and man, between spiders and cats, I don't care! It can be smutty or surreal or horrific or sci fi! Show me something brand new. Surprise me.

Every Monday for the next four weeks, all entries I received that week will be published on this blog! My favorite entry of the week will win an ebook of their choice from this year's NBAS lineup.

How to Enter: 
You can enter once per week. Send your short story of any genre of 500 words or less to Include a two-sentence bio you want included with your story on the blog. Be super creative, do something I never would have expected. You definitely don't have to have read ARACHNOPHILE to enter, do your own thing. Paste it into the email, or attach a word document, whatever. It doesn't have to be standard manuscript format, but don't do anything crazy with the formating either, make it easy on me. Subject line should be MICROFICTION CONTEST.

K. Do it. Do it every week. I wanna read your spider romance. Make it weird or scary or funny or whatever you want.


  1. Maaaan, I totally have a spider romance but it's bigger than 500 words. Alas, alas.