Friday, March 11, 2016

Surreal Sketchbook Selections

by Betty Rocksteady

I've been filling pages with brain drippings since I could pick up a pen. I recently spend some time flipping through my stash of old sketchbooks and figured it was time to share some of this stuff with you guys! The drawings here span from 2011-2013, but rest assured I have plenty more to share if you wanna see 'em.

The page on the left is the kinda doodling I do when I'm thinking about a fuller drawing. I started with the nipple teeth and eyeball belly, and moved into the pose on the bottom that I ended up using on the next page.

 I drew this after I had a dream that my cat and I saw a really big snail.

If you can't read it, the text is a little limerick.

"There once was a girl who was dead,
With eyes that were cloudy and red.
A child full of life,
She kidnapped with a knife,
And nourished on mouldy old bread."

I have a sketchbook somewhere with tons of these weird little comics in it.

 Little bit of yellow colored pencil here. I was really into gross yellow skies for a while. Yellow is the creepiest color.

Trying out watercolor wash. A friend of mine had lots of dreams of strange cryptid/aliens with antlers.

I actually don't remember drawing this one at all. Pretty sure this is how I was raised though.

Thanks for looking!

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