Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Bizarro Author History and Why It Matters

by Karl Fischer

To date, the New Bizarro Author Series has published forty four writers. Let that sink in a moment. That's forty four novellas from little-known and unpublished voices, all in addition to the mainline authors and imprints. There isn't even a theme, it's all original high concept material. NBAS books have tackled seedy animal filmmakers, gender swapping murder plots, dinosaurs with guns, wolf-spitting bears, planets devoted to anilingus, gangsters reincarnated as babies, intergalactic pit fights, and so much more. There are love stories and anti-love stories and grindhouse and noir and John Waters references and flavors of science fiction so bizarre the Sad Puppies wouldn't know how to whine about them.

We of the 2015-2016 NBAS hope to interview every single past member, not just because the veterans can offer us valuable insights, but because the series has become an institution, one with a substantial, growing body of work behind its name. There's a history here and we want to learn about it. In just three more years, the NBAS will be a decade old, and as the bizarro genre continues to expand, people will have questions about these titles. If they're at all like us, they'll want to know where the new authors have come from, where they've gone to, and how the intersection between them and this series has affected their careers. We will not rest until the last New Bizarro Author has either spilled their guts or threatened us with a restraining order.

In case you've missed out, here's a list of all the interviews we've done so far:


We will probably change up the format as things progress. As you can see in Tamara's interview with Betty Rocksteady, the use of watercolor paintings has served as an innovative substitution for standard Q and A dialogue. There's no telling what we might or might not do next.

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